在罗杰威廉姆斯大学, students participate in high-impact learning experiences – internships, 本科研究, 基于项目的学习, and community-engaged courses – that make them job-ready and able to work and live as responsible, 参与公民.

Today’s students yearn to make a difference with their knowledge and through their actions, and they want to do it now rather than years after they’ve completed their studies. 

在罗杰威廉姆斯大学, our core purpose is to strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning. To prepare our students to succeed in their careers and lives, we connect with diverse communities beyond our campuses to bring real-world issues into classrooms and place our students into the world for hands-on learning.

作为一所大学, RWU offers the expertise of our faculty and students as resources to the communities of the state and region. We engage with community leaders and the broader public to identify challenges and develop workable solutions that benefit both the university and our community partners. 我们听. 我们交换想法. 我们培育伙伴关系. 我们形成策略. 我们进行研究. 我们提出解决方案. 我们有所作为.

Our efforts are wide-ranging and impactful. Whether through community service, work with local municipalities, 国家政策研究, 宣传活动, or internships with innovative agencies and companies, RWU students are deeply involved and connected with real-world learning opportunities across their undergraduate careers. This commitment to engaged learning is a distinguishing feature of the Roger Williams University education.


Our office is located in the farmhouse across from lower commons  

Allen Hance,  Associate Provost for Global and Community Engagementahance@725255.com401-254-3307
KC Ferrara, Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement kferrara@725255.com401-254-3765
Mia Brum,项目协调员   mbrum@725255.com401-254-5217
Patria Komiega, Administrative Assistant Global and Community Engagementpkomiega@725255.com401-254-5628